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jellybean-coaching-plain-logo COLOUR IMAGE ANALYSIS

If that sounds like you, the Jellybean Colour Image Analysis is your opportunity to have personalised help to rediscover yourself and how fabulous you can look and feel with the help of colour.

Colour analysis can help you:

  • wear colours that suit your skin tone
  • wear colours that suit your personality
  • bring colours into your life that balance your moods
  • bring colours into your life that boost your wellbeing

During your consultation at the Jellybean Studio, I will use a range of colour swatches and you will see not only which colours suit you but which ones transform you and bring you to life.

I will also explain why there is more to colour than meets the eye. You will understand the meaning of the colours you like, the significance of colours you dislike, and how you need a balance of colours in your life for optimum wellbeing.