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jellybean-coaching-plain-logo YOUR LIFE IN COLOUR

The American National Institute of Mental Health, NASA, Harvard Medical School and Oxford University are just some of the institutions that have discovered the importance of a colour energy balance for wellbeing and how an imbalance can adversely affect our physical and mental health – think SAD, depression, stress, anxiety and sleep problems to name but a few.

You are surrounded by colours every day, from the clothes that you wear, the décor of your home, the food that you eat, to the colours you see every time you step outdoors. The Jellybean Solutions colour workshop is designed to explain the physical and emotional impact of all this colour energy. You will learn not only how it can support your health but how it can help you become more self-aware and emotionally resilient.

Your body: There’s more to colour than meets the eye

Understand how your body’s biological clock responds to the 24-hour cycle of night and day and how it affects your bodily functions

Gain an insight into the negative impact on your health when the cycle is disrupted, including:

  • waking and sleeping patterns
  • energy levels
  • hunger and thirst
  • stress levels
  • pain levels
  • brain activity.

Feeling blue? Seeing red? Green with envy? Feeling off colour or in the pink? This workshop is a golden opportunity to gain an insight into the role colour plays in your psychological wellbeing by understanding your emotional response to colours by:

  • uncovering the clues your colour preferences are giving you about your mental and emotional state
  • reflecting on problems or issues you may have that are revealed by the colours you dislike.

Understand how the colours you wear play a part in how you see and feel about yourself and get tips on how to use colours to boost your confidence

Consider the messages you are giving out through the colours that you wear and how they influence how other people see you

By the end of the workshop you will have gained an understanding of how colours can boost your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. You will be seeing things in a whole new light!

Venue: Cowan House, 21 Ellenborough Park North, Weston-super-Mare BS23 1XQ